What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a piece of equipment which can be purchased from many watch companies. It helps to keep premium, automatic watches running whilst they are not being worn. This device is only needed for high-end, expensive watches rather than those that can be brought from stores for quite cheap.

Watch Winders

Do I really need an automatic watch winder?

Many individuals are asking the question ‘do I really need an automatic watch winder’ lately. This is because now a days, you can purchase watches at a reasonable price which are just as accurate as telling the time as premium watches. However, the main reason individuals still invest in expensive watches is due to their beauty, uniqueness and style. But is an automatic watch winder worth the money? Find out below…

Additional expenses

There is an additional expense to purchasing an automatic watch winder after purchasing a watch, however, this piece of equipment will come in handy and will be used – even if it is just when you’re in bed!

Manual winding on your wrist

The winding of a watch does happen whilst you are wearing your watch on your wrist. However, individuals that collect watches or have more than one watch will not be constantly wearing their watch(es) and due to this, the watch will not be winding.

If you believe that you fit into this category of not always wearing your watch, it would be worthwhile investing into a watch winder.

Acts as a jewellery box

Another reason you should purchase an automatic watch winder is because it acts as a jewellery box and a safe place to keep your watch whilst you are not wearing it. This means you will never lose or mis-place your watch as you would get into a habit of putting your watch into the watch winder when you’re not wearing it.

As well, keeping your watch in a wider will prevent it from becoming scratched or damaged in any way as it offers a protective, cushioned environment.

Saves time

If the other reasons are not enough to persuade you to purchase a watch winder, then the fact it saves time should be! Instead of constantly turning the screw on crown located at the side of your watch, the winder will have kept your watch to the correct time/ date for you. This will also help with the condition of the watch as manually winding the watch will eventually add unwanted strain onto your watch’s auto reverser wheels.