Vinyl Flooring Warwickshire

Vinyl Flooring is a resilient flooring material that makes use of vinyl instead of plastic, rubber, PVC or other types of artificial composite floors. This type of flooring is derived from the versions of Polyvinyl Chloride products first sold in the 1980s.

Vinyl Flooring Materials – History

Vinyl flooring comes in sheet flooring or flooring tiles that are applied using adhesive to the subfloor.

In 1894 Frank Furness was a Philadelphian architect, patented a process for rubber floor tiles. However, these tiles easily deteriorated when exposed to oxygen and alkaline moisture, but they were easy to install and clean.

In 1926, Waldo Semon invented Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) in the USA. PVC contains plastic, hydrogen carbon and chlorine. These then became the popular vinyl floors that made a name for themselves in Chicago and then worldwide.

Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring Warwickshire

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost-effective – cheaper in comparison to other flooring options
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Many different types of printed vinyl tiles and inlaid flooring
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Quick installation time
  • Water resistant and non-porous
  • Warm and soft underfoot – cushion feel


Vinyl flooring Warwickshire is a fantastic way to decorate your floor, whether home or business. There is a huge variety of different colour schemes and patterns available. Their array of advantages meaning it is often one of the best types of flooring that you can choose.

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