Hanex Worktops

Hanex worktops are a type of solid surface which is ideal for residential applications such as kitchen worktops. However, it can also be used in commercial properties including doctor surgeries, hospitals and laboratories.

Features of Hanex worktops:

There are many features of Hanex worktops. Here are some but not all of the reasons as to why Hanex should be your chosen material:

 Easy to fabricate

 Highly durable worktop surface

 Over 78 colours to choose from ensuring there is a colour for you

 Easy maintenance as it is stain and scratch resistant

 Maintains colour as well as its shape very well

 Heat tolerance


Hanex work surfaces durability

Due to Hanex being exceptionally hard, it can tolerate a large amount of abuse, whether this is heat or spillages. However, that does not mean that it is safe to put hot dishes and saucepans straight onto the surface.

Hanex easy maintenance

Due to this solid surface being stain resistant, you will not have a problem if anything does accidentally spill onto it. However spillages should be cleaned up as soon as they are noticed just to cover your own back. The products that are spilt will not have an effect on the work surface in terms of damage as it has been exposed to harsher substances in testing. Materials such as petrol and acetone were left on Hanex worktops for 16 hours and no damaged occurred whatsoever.

Scratch-resistant surface

One of the biggest benefits to a Hanex worktop is that it is a scratch and cut resistant surface. This is because the colour runs all the way through the material ensuring that if you are the scratch the surface, all you will need to do is simply sand out the scratch. However, to prevent this, as with all other surfaces, we do advise that you always use a chopping board when cutting any food products.

Hanex installation

If Hanex is the solid surface for you, get in contact with your local installer to discuss a quote and your requirements.